Monday, August 8, 2011

the season of the twitch...

erin wasson's pad

spring is just around the corner and after melbourne's wee taste of things to come last week i find myself in actual fits of fashion forlorning. i'm over stockings, jumpers, jackets and boots and flipping the coin on whether to take a coat out on saturday night. it's the age old dilemma, either freeze on the to and from and be free or stay warm and endure the dreaded checking and forgetting in which case you end up freezing on the way home anyway or you end up with your eye on your carefully piled coat collection that's babysat by the friend who never seems to dance. fine if this friend is reliable but this mate also always seems to be one in the same as the group phantom. one second it's shots and shuffle coaxing and the next  it's 'hang on a minute, what happened to...'

i've already trawled my closet (thrice!) ready for a camberwell market clean out and my carry on for Bali in 55 days is well and truly packed. so what do i do in the meantime??? uninspired and over it i need to try and distract myself with my own advice (always easy to give but not always easy to follow) i might not be able to break out bare legs just yet but i can step up the pursuit of the perfect pout and get back to basics with what's left in my wardrobe but in times like these it may be imperative to come up with plan b to combat this type of seasonal sartorial sadness. if i'm indeed forced to endure another month indoors then i'm going to turn to my indoors with a little boudoir DIY. 

create a bit of style in my situation by turning my environment into an inspiration. here we go lovelies we're onto something now! a trip to Ikea might be in order, perhaps some new sheets to roll around in and here's the real genius (clearly stolen from another erin. above) an ambitious wall of art combining my fav photos and editorials ripped from the spines of fashion magazines past. yes in one blog post stella's got her groove back... 

now where did i put that hammer???

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