Sunday, August 21, 2011

best bradshaw...

so i'm lying here in my bed absolutely shattered after a mad market mission that saw me wake up pre-dawn, lug all my wares down to camberwell to then have to banter back on forth with people over less than $5 for 5 hours. 

'what's your best price?'  
'would you take 10' 
'ah no that's why $15 is my best price'

i mean really people we're talking about a fiver and you see i'm so tired i'm getting distracted about my point. which is; all day the markets we're filled with eclectic cool kids all channeling their own version of carrie which then made me want to watch miss bradshaw, so when I got home i promptly flopped onto my bed and started watching Sex Season 3. you know the one i'm talking about. the one were carrie cheats on aidan with big (ah yes I here you murmur) and i kept lying here thinking carrie is at her peak. i seriously think season 3 is her absolute best. her hair colour and curls are perfection and her outties are amaze without being a caricature (please don't get me started on SATC2). 

i'm so mad for season 3 carrie i might even alter my own locks to emulate her. basically i've fallen in love with her all over again and i guess the question is; when it comes to style stalking do we apply the same 'never go back' rules as we do to men? or can we successfully rediscover style icons of adoration past?

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