Saturday, August 13, 2011

to bike or not to bike???

Papillionare Bikes

for a while now i've been ummming and ahhhing about whether or not to downsize my mode transport to work. when i'm running late which let's be honest here is pretty much everyday, i tend to run to the car with one shoe on, toothpaste still dribbling down my chin and a  breakfast of champions protein bar wedged between my teeth. now i love my car, it's warm and cosy in winter and lovely and cool in summer and best of all i don't have to suffer the forever lateness of packed public transport, one where my face ends up smooshed into some ungodly stinking pit of a clearly unwell individual. my problem is that parking is absolutely killing me. i mean seriously it is basically costing me the equivalent of an outfit a week just to get to work, cruel joke i know. 

what can a girl do? well while i was facestalking 'friends' the other day an advert popped up for papillionare bikes. the above is on top of my wish list and makes me think of chic european women gliding through the city with fresh flowers and just baked baguette in their baskets. but here's the dilemma, unlike every other country in the world it is actually illegal to operate a bicycle without a helmet. a helmet that i as an adult know could possibly save my life much like a seat belt but will also make me look like a total dick. let's just say the words chic and stack hat are pretty much the definition of mutually exclusive. 

it was then that i realised that no i probably wouldn't wear a helmet as the wearing and possibility of hat hair is just too much for my kanye sized ego to bare. how could the stigma i associate with helmets really be so powerful that i refuse to ride at all??? 

maybe it stems from a childhood in the 80s where we didn't have to wear them and those who did were the kids that were missing a social chromosome or two and who would eventually go on to found facebook and wear crocs. 

clearly a slave to my own pride i continue to pontificate... luckily for me the custom tools on papillionare's website have also kept me busy. 

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