Saturday, March 26, 2011

speaking of out done themselves...

rachel gilbert's aw11 ready to wear collection

let the faux fur fly...

fur is a tricky trend. i once purchased a vintage fox fur coat from eBay and everytime i ran my hand down its super soft sleeve i felt sick with guilt. anytime my eyes met with the coat i had flashbacks of the children's short story by paul jennings. it was something about a fox fur hanging in the closet and a boy leaves lemons for it each night and one by one the lemons bring the fox back to life and then it disappears off into the night. why the elixir to life is lemons i can't remember, i'll have to go find the story but the notion that my coat could grow legs was too much for me and but needless to say i re-listed the coat. my problem is i looove the look of fur, it's rocknrolla-kate moss-decadence and this season it's everywhere from our necks draped with fur snoods to the shearling on our booties. we will be giving big foot a run for his money.

my next mission was to find a faux that didn't look cheap and like something that the cat dragged in. this took awhile. after months of searching i came up with a few that have have really out done themselves.

rachel zoe's line (pictured in one of her designs above) is amazingly well down. decadent and lush with an amazing fit and price point. ie the coat pictured is now on sale for US $137.64.

the hiccup for us australian buyers is QVC only ships to the US. however being the style savvy sisters that we are, there is always eBay and if you're extra resourceful like me you phone a friend in san fran and get it here on a stop over!

lust haves...

summer? what summer? and who really cares with what we have coming through this aw11. my desk is covered in tear outs and iphone snaps of all the pieces i'm eyeing off but here's my top five to see me into the season.
  • my already signed sealed delivered terrifically lush faux fur coat by burning torch available on sale at shopbop
  • the greatest of them all hold all by pieces available at asos
  • the perfect mens gold watch by michael kors available at shopbop
  • this seasons best statement sunny by karen walker available at eyestyle.
  • and last but not least my most favourite colour of the aw11 collections terracotta in my most wanted lust have. the sheer maxi dress by aussie label shakuhachi

sparkle with soul...

edie was an it girl because she found her niche, she was bold, beautiful and one of a kind. much like my latest obsession, local melbourne designer rossi jewellery.

a treasure seeker with heart miss rossi creates her pieces using flea market and antique finds. each unique item sourced across the globe, from the renowned les puces flea market in paris, the eclectic street stalls in the famed notting hill, exotic laneways throughout asian bazaars and every vintage store, souk and square from melbourne to moscow.

trinkets and treasures are then combined with sterling silver or rose gold to create one off collectors pieces. art that hangs from your neck rather than your living room wall. better than that it's sparkle with soul.

Friday, March 25, 2011

single white female...

forgive me if i sound a little flushed it's just i'm carrying quite the fashion crush on the chic minimalist that is miss kate bosworth. she is my inspiration this season, so much so I had my kardashian-esque locks lopped off and lightened in a bid to steal some of her effortless shine. my new mantra: less is more