Friday, August 26, 2011

best blonde...





currently i'm sporting more of a lara locks situation but we're almost out of winter and i think it might be time to brighten up! but which blonde is best??? 

friday fashionspiration...

ridding the world of ugly

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

asos australia???

so i was just doing my mid afternoon click around when i spotted a fb post by shoptiludrop announcing the impending launch of asos australia. apparently it affords us a 'customised experience' in 'australian dollars' with 'seasonally appropriate offerings' which is all great but what's the catch???

the thing is we can already buy and search in aussie dollars, we have the option of free delivery and i have a feeling that 'seasonally appropriate' might mean the pieces we used to be able to buy on sale because of said  differing seasons will now be moved to the aussie site at full price.

i'm guessing the savvy kids at asos have realised it may be cheaper to pack up all their end of season stock at once, ship it down here and then sell it as current stock. like a friend of mine said 'i doubt their doing this as a favour to us'. let's cross our fingers that we'll be given the choice to shop on either site rather than being automatically redirected  to the aussie store. 

do excuse the cynicism but this has to be a dollar decision on asos' part and that means we will ultimately be paying more. let's hope my chicken little pessimism really does turn out to be a mistaken belief that disaster is imminent.

 i guess we won't have to wait long to find out, asos australia goes live mid-september...


melbourne has turned it up this august and to show my appreciation here's a little tune to get you in the mood...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

best bradshaw...

so i'm lying here in my bed absolutely shattered after a mad market mission that saw me wake up pre-dawn, lug all my wares down to camberwell to then have to banter back on forth with people over less than $5 for 5 hours. 

'what's your best price?'  
'would you take 10' 
'ah no that's why $15 is my best price'

i mean really people we're talking about a fiver and you see i'm so tired i'm getting distracted about my point. which is; all day the markets we're filled with eclectic cool kids all channeling their own version of carrie which then made me want to watch miss bradshaw, so when I got home i promptly flopped onto my bed and started watching Sex Season 3. you know the one i'm talking about. the one were carrie cheats on aidan with big (ah yes I here you murmur) and i kept lying here thinking carrie is at her peak. i seriously think season 3 is her absolute best. her hair colour and curls are perfection and her outties are amaze without being a caricature (please don't get me started on SATC2). 

i'm so mad for season 3 carrie i might even alter my own locks to emulate her. basically i've fallen in love with her all over again and i guess the question is; when it comes to style stalking do we apply the same 'never go back' rules as we do to men? or can we successfully rediscover style icons of adoration past?

Friday, August 19, 2011

jay is chillin, ye is chillin...

friday fashionspiration...

today i'm dedicating fashionspirations to my dad who turns 55 tomorrow. if i have a talent for spending it was definitely inherited from my him. the man online shops more than i do, reads more magazines than i do and sometimes even turns up in a better outfit than i do. here's to his muse mr mqueen. happy birthday mr. cool! x

Thursday, August 18, 2011

animal magnetism...

i've been looking longingly over at my passport and printed pacific blue ticket for nearly a month now and while i may not be going anywhere for 45 days i am way ahead on my travel to do list and today i neatly crossed off passport ticket wallet! 

truth be told i'd been eyeing off this little catherine manuell design gem for quite a while. not only is it practical, perfectly fitting my passport, printed ticket and boarding pass but it comes in colours of all sorts. of course my pick of the bunch just had to be an animal print.

hmmmmm maybe i need the matching luggage tag too???

another erin makes three...

2011 is looking well for mtv presenter erin mcnaught. whether this is due to the  services of a savvy stylist or just taking notes at all those fashion front rows i've got to give her props as she has definitely been catching my eye of late. well done erin number three. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

bohemian rhapsody...

for the last couple of days i've been carrying around tigerlily's latest summer catalogue, periodically pulling it out of my bag when the rain outside gets that little bit too much for me. 

featuring australia's own elyse taylor in a collection that covers all my bohemian bali bound needs. the editorial itself expertly captures the dreamy haze of summer with that yellow tinged filter and grainy 70s aesthetic. 

it actually reminds me of my parents photo albums, all round cornered photographs filled with sun in bleached hair, boys carrying surfboards and girls laying about lathered in reef oil. i think if you stare long enough you might even be able to smell the coconut...

pick up your own copy instore at david jones and tigerlily 


if you're anything like me you'll look for any excuse to play with your phone and with the instagram app  i not only get to play around with pics but i also get a valuable new time killer! great for public transport boredom busting, commercial break time wasting and traffic jam entertainment or well actually i should probably add 'passenger' traffic jam entertainment to that one! AND if you get over your own self you can follow other instagramers like mtv or miss bingle or even your mates... ps my username is ezag33 x

to market to market...

there's something cathartic about going through your cupboard, expelling all the pieces that no longer speak to you or the person you want to be. especially when fashion is so fast these days that cupboards are now swelling with pieces that have had their facebook fifteen mins and in our fickle hearts are  no longer desirable. there is a lesson to be learnt here and that might be to choose more wisely but really where's the fun in that! fashion is about re-invention and imagination. what we need to do is embrace savvy ways of recouping some cash so we can continue the circle of consumerism.

i know i've posted this before and even gone so far as to attach it just there to your right in my blog bio. no it's not the wise words of coco but the wilde words of a man who probably should have been born a woman "anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination". in keeping with this theme I have joined forces with another friend who is moving to london and we are offloading all our extra baggage at melbourne's famed camberwell market this sunday. so here's the call out ladies if you're up for some mega bargains and contributing to my bali fund come along and reinvent your own wardrobe! 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

to bike or not to bike???

Papillionare Bikes

for a while now i've been ummming and ahhhing about whether or not to downsize my mode transport to work. when i'm running late which let's be honest here is pretty much everyday, i tend to run to the car with one shoe on, toothpaste still dribbling down my chin and a  breakfast of champions protein bar wedged between my teeth. now i love my car, it's warm and cosy in winter and lovely and cool in summer and best of all i don't have to suffer the forever lateness of packed public transport, one where my face ends up smooshed into some ungodly stinking pit of a clearly unwell individual. my problem is that parking is absolutely killing me. i mean seriously it is basically costing me the equivalent of an outfit a week just to get to work, cruel joke i know. 

what can a girl do? well while i was facestalking 'friends' the other day an advert popped up for papillionare bikes. the above is on top of my wish list and makes me think of chic european women gliding through the city with fresh flowers and just baked baguette in their baskets. but here's the dilemma, unlike every other country in the world it is actually illegal to operate a bicycle without a helmet. a helmet that i as an adult know could possibly save my life much like a seat belt but will also make me look like a total dick. let's just say the words chic and stack hat are pretty much the definition of mutually exclusive. 

it was then that i realised that no i probably wouldn't wear a helmet as the wearing and possibility of hat hair is just too much for my kanye sized ego to bare. how could the stigma i associate with helmets really be so powerful that i refuse to ride at all??? 

maybe it stems from a childhood in the 80s where we didn't have to wear them and those who did were the kids that were missing a social chromosome or two and who would eventually go on to found facebook and wear crocs. 

clearly a slave to my own pride i continue to pontificate... luckily for me the custom tools on papillionare's website have also kept me busy. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

revolve clothing...

so today i was asked who my top 3 Etailers were and as y'all know i have so much affection for shopping online and when i replied 'it would have to be asos, shopbop & revolve' and that's when i realised it. I have never posted praise about this american beauty! 

much like my other two fav's there are so many things to look at here that the filter aspects along with the shop by options are extremely helpful. i love the editors picks section which has edits by staffers like the above by analyst sonia 'girl's trip'. i mentally unpacked my bali bag and re-packed with some of the pieces suggested. this site also led me to my buy of the century or 'best bag in the last 100 years' as i called out across the pods today by cleobella funnily enough a balinese accessories label that specialise in the bohemian, gypset, haute hippie inside. 

revolve also has my top 3 must haves for a fave shopping expedition: lookbooks to keep you inspired, a wish list to keep your fab finds safe and free shipping for us kids from down under!