Tuesday, April 12, 2011

back to basics...

sometimes we lose our way. we find ourselves staring into a closet lined with choices and yet with nothing to choose. nothing inspires us, nothing works for us and even heading to the shops can't help. you know what i'm talking about. losing what i like to call your stylibrium. you don't know what brought it on but all of a sudden your style sense is completely off balance. there's something not right with your world.

for the last two weeks including some big nights out my stylibrium has been so off kilter it's a wonder i get out of the house at all. i have sort out my fashion bibles, i have zimbio'ed my favourite style stars, i trawled my favourite fashion fishing holes and yet still last saturday night i stood for nearly two hours staring into the abyss. i tried things on, i looked at myself, tilted my head and felt that nagging of not quite right.

so what the hell do you??? my remedy was to seek out a classic, little black dress and a little black leather jacket. now for a while there my feeling of NQR followed me right up into that party and then i started hearing praises for my choices. each little compliment began to rebuild my confidence and by the next day i realised, when you lose your way the best thing to do is to go back to basics.

until you regain your fashion footing, try these on for size:

  • a little black dress and a statement jacket
  • fashion leggings, oversized white tee and a black blazer
  • a simple dress with red lips that'll sink ships
  • a maxi dress and bold jewelery
  • jeans, a sheer blouse and some out of control heels
good luck & god speed

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