Friday, April 1, 2011

leaving on a jet plane...

recently one of my girls was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to live and work san fran side. this presented quite a complex set of emotions as i was elated, excited and extremely proud of my boo bestie but at the same time a feeling a little less bluebird on my shoulder and a little more sitting at the dock of bay. (a little bit eerie, guess what song just started to playing from the wireless! I hear ya otis, i hear ya)

this is my bestie, my boo, my mentor. a woman who i admire and inspires. i have but a handful of women i hold in such high regard and just thinking that there'll literally be an ocean between us is quite a cause for concern. however after some very fine advice from the bestie in question (ever my oracle) i have moved forward and begun to view this loss as a glass half full moment. and here's why:

1. i am now planning my long awaited and much anticipated return to the U S A

2. i can now have items only available state side shipped through the port of san fran

3. the going away girls night!

the words 'girls night' tend to send a rush of bubbles through these veins of mine. it means finding out what the girls are wearing, planning, swapping and styling yourself and your sisters to superfly status. it means we can pull out our jumpsuits, sequins and seriously killer heels, it means winged tips of liner rivaling a gulf stream and extra coatings of sparkle and dust because on this night men's opinions need not apply. getting ready is half the fun, let alone the escapade itself which means a night of excess covering catch up, cocktails and kevin-bacon-cut-loose-footlooseness. quite frankly i can't wait.

here's to you miss.w!

wishing you love, luck and luster, a career that rivals miss ross's fro (and your own lol)


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