Thursday, March 15, 2012

wise words thursday... tattoo you

ok so wise words wednesday has now become more of an afterthought, however this weeks words are also under consideration for my next tattoo. 

it will join my mini montage of a star on my wrist, some edith piaf on my thigh 'je ne regrette rien', my surname's meaning in balinese on my forearm , a watercolour butterfly on my neck and a japanese character of courage on my foot. 

i guess i'm like many of my generation i'm a walking collage of bits and pieces that inspire and influence me and although fashions change (japanese character's now considered a mark of the bogan) they still tell my story and for that i wouldn't change a thing.

the next thing of course is to decide where it should go??? decisions, decisions, i mean it is only for a lifetime or i guess until a painful laser session later! 

images: mslarabingle instagram, weheartit and google

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