Monday, March 5, 2012

keep glowing...

autumn has arrived and already i'm starting to feel my summer skin slip away... and while window shopping on my way to uni today i spotted a super solarium deal that nearly had me buck naked and burning HOWEVER i then spotted a skin cancer advert... well placed victorian government because i guess actually no i'm not willing to increase my risk of melanoma for an almost winter glow...

this is when i remembered my sister's amazing faux glow at our dad's wedding last october. it was literally the perfect shade of bronze, (no geordie carrot face here!) no streaks, no smell and she even had more compliments on her 'fake' tan than i did on my 2 week toasting in bali! 

so here's my plan i'm going to top up my tan with  aviva labs! i'm thinking for autumn i might go for the gimme brown colour and then subtly segway to the winter glow option...

so. many. choices.

get glowing: 
check out aviva here or like their facebook page here

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