Sunday, March 25, 2012

style shame...

ok so a couple of weeks ago I wrote this BIG post about how uni wasn't going cramp my style and in fact i was going to endeavor on a personal weekly round up 'style snap sunday' but what has happened instead is a style slump of epic proportions. and no it wasn't uni that broke the camels back it was gum surgery! 

for the last week i have been holed up in a world of swollen face, mouth full of stitches and looming due dates for my first round of assignments (referencing and stats YAY).

this has left me in a state of utter unstyle. so much so i just looked down at my feet and am embarrassed for myself. it's been a case of oversize knits, leggings and my ten year old ugg boots that until the arrival of a puppy named keith were actually fairing quite well (indoor use only, i promise). 

perhaps a holy sign from the style gods to get my arse back into fashion and less into lethargy. so look out peeps, the uggs are coming off and with them hopefully style snap sunday will be brought back next week... 

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