Sunday, November 13, 2011

make money to spend money...

apparently i'm not alone. apparently there are others out there, that have and do live their lives like me, perpetually in the red. that's right for nearly ten years now i have given little to no thought of my financial freedom, taking it as a given that i will always be 'in debt'.

i was never very good with numbers and quite frankly i could go ahead and blame a school system that feels it's necessary to teach algebra but then negates the number games we play every day.

a course on credit cards, investments and mortgages may have seen me stick out general maths past the age of 16 and would have been a lot more helpful than anything pythagoras had to offer.

i could also blame it on my 'i have to have it now' generation or the inherent spendalot gene passed on from gales gone by but really i am 27 these days and recognising that well shit i got myself into this mess, i better start digging my way out of it.

visits to banks and financial planners aside one of my biggest hurdles to getting back in the black is shopping. you all know this. i know this. fashion is my high. fed directly through my credit crackpipe and it needs to stop.

i need to get savvy and here's how i'm going to do it.

  1. no more credit cards.
  2. go through and try on every single item in my wardrobe and sort the style from the fashion.
  3. fashion pieces are generally worn once and are mostly trend based. these pieces are off to eBay.
  4. make money to spend money. use eBay as a resource for 'investment pieces' only.
  5. we all have those pieces that once they've hit fb will never see the flash of a camera again. it's time to form a fashion collective and get swapping sistas.
  6. learn to lay by. 
  7. subscribe to my style bibles (christmas is just around the corner. wink wink, nudge nudge)

these 7 steps might seem simple to savers everywhere but fashion fiends will no the above is a discipline and i'm giving myself a year to master it. let the countdown begin...

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