Friday, November 11, 2011

get off of my cloud...

i'm only 27 but it seems i have already turned into my father. the more i look around the more i find the state of things getting under my of which was a video 'news' story on under the catchy header 'Lara Bingle on her weight gain'.

now i'm pretty sure the actual story here was supposed to be about the fact that lara has made who magazine's sexiest people 2011 with a side angle that she's an ambassador for the meal delivery service eat fit food.

instead the interview went something like this:
'beach babe lara bingle'  featured in who magazine's sexiest people 2011 is 'courting controversy yet again'. lara watchers have noticed 'the formerly petite bikini model has packed on a few kilos'.

cut to lara as she eloquently answers "i am a woman. what they used to compare me to was when i was 19. I'm now 24. we all change. i'm sure i'm going to change again. from now to 30, 30 to 40. you know that's just life and i'm embracing it".

the interviewer then moves in with a few well placed jabs 'the well nourished lara is also embracing her role as eat fit food ambassador' and then goes in with the hook 'but the question remains how much has she put on?' i'm assuming lara's response of "i never said i gained 5 kilos" is in relation to some other irresponsible reporters misquote of figures.

the 'news story' then lets us know that we can get a 'good glimpse of lara's new curves' in this weeks who magazine out today.

i realise that this little fluff piece may just be the straw the broke my back but isn't it about time we felt a greater responsibility on what we're putting out into the world.

how are we supposed to expect women and girls to embrace their bodies when the message out there is that you'll be 'courting controversy' if you put on an insignificant amount of weight.

there are a million positive ways this interview could have gone and yet they went for cutting jibes about her body. a body by the way that incase you missed it in that interview, has been named one of who's sexiest. a body attained not by starving herself but by eating healthy well balanced meals.

as women we need to take a greater stand on the trash we are willing to accept as a social norm.  these headlines and stories are in saturation because bottom line they sell. 

and maybe it's because of our insecurities (created and perpetuated in the media) that we find ourselves fascinated but i'm imploring you to ditch this destructive diatribe. instead how about we fill up on the positive and show society that being an empowered, healthy and confident woman is a beautiful thing.

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