Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a carnival of clowns...

derby day attendees

i've written about this before and if this years spring racing carnival is anything to go by i will continue to write about it until i die... 

yes we live in a world where people believe 'dressing up' means a 'tan' as effervescent as your morning berocca, paired with a dress as tight and short as a hooker on hollywood boulevard and of course the obligatory big birdesque headpiece but really can we please put it out there that the races  are meant to mean class not arse.

unfortunately as one journalist put it the races are more popular than ever, a veritable  'schoolies for adults' and while i don't disagree with the statement, i do disagree with the tone of the article that this is somehow a good thing. because it's not. it's foul.

if you want to get 'pissed' in the sun, go to a festival. if you want to look like a tramp go to CQ on a saturday night. if you want to act like a jersey meatball, move to jersey.

there are literally only a handful of occasions these days that call for that extra effort and old style grace kelly glamour and the races is supposed to be one of them. 

some of you will be cheering my little tirade while others will still be sitting there head cocked to the side and eyes narrowed at the word class. for the latter let's go back to basics:

CLASS: meaning of high quality, integrity, status,  style or elegance.
ELEGANT: meaning tastefully fine and luxurious.

now instead of posting 65 million photos of fug, because there are actually that many,  i have decided to show you one lady who wear it well. take notes, please, because wedding season is upon us and trust me the same expectation for elegance over excess applies.

derby day
melbourne cup day
oaks day

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