Tuesday, January 24, 2012

point of difference...

i am currently suffering from a case of the david bowies... ch-ch-ch-ch-changes seem to be the order of the day with a burning desire to reinvent myself. some of you may think ahhhh yes it's that new year, new you virus that tends to spread like the plague during january but mine has been building up for months now.

i've even posted before about feeling those forces that make a woman chop her locks, go from blonde to brunette and back again or bring back those bangs you just spent 6 months growing out.  For a while there i even tried subtle differences to satiate my need for 'difference'. from blonde to a bit of balayage, to extensions in, extensions out but it seems the only cure is change.

for me my colour has been my crowning glory. so intertwined with my identity that  i thought i could never be anything but blonde. but then why for the last 6 months have all my little style saves been mostly brunettes.  maybe it's a simple case of biology. at 14 i had brown hair, at 21 i went blonde and now as i head towards 28 with a whole new bunch of cell regeneration i feel the need for a whole new me. just which me is the new me?

i'm constantly clicking and dragging pics of  hair colours and cuts or screen shoting instagram images of hair envy that i've created a mass catalogue of confusion for myself. 'try a darker blonde balayage. go bold and go brunette. get saucy and see red. get a bob or add extensions. to fringe or not to fringe'. so. many. choices.  

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