Monday, September 5, 2011

it's time to go...

i'll be perfectly honest with you i hardly if ever watch free to air tv and more often than not i just get my fix via live streaming my favourites on side reel so when i do catch a bit of the box i'm often left wondering about the state of the world we live in. 

during my week off i did catch an 'encore' presentation of the now infamous ANTM episode in which designer alex perry likened a model to 'overstuffed luggage'.  the amazonian size 8 then broke down in tears saying she felt 'disgusting' and needed 'to do something about it'. at this point my mouth kind of hung open in the air waiting for some sort of positive tyra like suggestion about working on her posing rather than losing pounds but no all of them just sat there. silent. and that's when i reached for the remote and turned the tv off.

perry is a man who obviously takes great care to cultivate a certain sunglasses-on-head-persona. he knows exactly what he's saying and he knows that the grab is gimmicky but what i don't think he realises is that it makes him look tacky.

it's this todd-mckenney-tack-factor that makes my skin crawl. it's not necessary to tell lara bingle to 'get over herself' that her persona is  'dull' and that he thinks she 'isn't bright enough' to get the concept of the show which as he explains 'poor thing (lara) came on the show not expecting to be criticised. But that's what the show is about.'  

seriously HOW EMBARRASSING, the concept of your show is a dance competition for people who have never danced while rasing money for charity but the reality is it's a bottom of the barrel joke otherwise known as 'entertainment at other peoples expense'. 

i really do pity the likes of mckenney and perry. one is an established dancer, the other fashion royalty and here they are making money out of throwing rocks at dancing bears. it must be the same type of feeling journalists get when they've completed their degree and go out to make their mark covering  'real' stories that matter but end up working for famous magazine or today tonight. 

while i wouldn't hold my breath for mckenney and DWTS i expected more from ANTM. a franchise made famous by model and mentor tyra banks who seems to understand that the example they set matters.

perry on the other hand has already had to defend his choice of models and words saying  “during this interview i said, we made size 16, but nobody bought them, so why would I have a size 16 girl on the runway? the interview was cropped to ‘you’ll never see a size 16 girl on my runway’. i looked like a total arsehole. i was really misrepresented.” 

yep definitely sounds like a case of defamatory editing to me but then how does he fight off such salacious slander? well he turns into a 16 year old school girl  "the people who think what we say is harsh are armchair critics who have no concept of this business and are probably overweight themselves".  come to think of it who better to judge a bunch of teenage girls.  

as for you lot. do yourselves a favour and just turn off this carcinogenic crap. you'll feel better i promise. x  

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