Thursday, June 11, 2015

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Dear edie lovers! I know you are typically used to seeing and scrolling through my mood board picspo but I have just launched something very near and dear to me. My fourth year psychology research project survey and I NEED YOUR HELP!

My SURVEY is OPEN to anybody over the age of 18! However I will need a little bit of extra support from the MINDFULNESS COMMUNITY as I hope to compare people who practice mindfulness with those who don't...
I enthusiastically encourage you to participate and to please please LIKE and SHARE my research project with your own social networks, forums and groups!!

The Project: The Relationships between Mindfulness and Subjective Wellbeing
Adults (over 18 years) are invited to participate in a study looking at the relationships between mindfulness, subjective wellbeing and other related constructs, while also comparing participants who currently practice mindfulness (mindfulness practitioners) and those who do not currently practice mindfulness (non-mindfulness practitioners).

If you agree to participate, you will be directed to an anonymous online survey (approx. 10 minutes), which will ask you to read a plain language statement that contains the details of the study. If you choose to proceed, you will then be asked some basic demographic and mindfulness practice questions, as well as measures of mindfulness, subjective wellbeing, emotional regulation, self-compassion, positive and negative affect and stress. 

What is mindfulness?
Mindfulness describes a quality of consciousness, which can be conceptualised as a state cultivated through mindfulness practice, involving an active and compassionate awareness of the present moment that fosters an attitude that is unattached to one’s thoughts and experience (Compton & Hoffman, 2013: Whitehead, 2014) and an innate trait or dispositional characteristic of one’s ability to enter into an aware and attentive state of consciousness (Brown & Ryan, 2003).

Student Researcher BIO:
Erin is currently studying the Graduate Diploma of Psychology (fourth year) at the Cairnmillar Institute in Melbourne and is undertaking a rite of passage for fourth year psychology students; a research project and thesis. When developing a thesis topic Erin was inspired by her interest in mindfulness (studied the diploma of mindfulness therapy at Mindfulgym) and hopes to explore the relationships between mindfulness and subjective wellbeing. 

Research Contacts:
Ms Erin Gale 
Student Researcher
The Cairnmillar Institute

Dr Adrian Tomyn
Principal Researcher
The Cairnmillar Institute

For more information regarding this project, please read the Plain Language Statement made available through the questionnaire link or feel free to head over to the project's dedicated Fb page:

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