Sunday, February 24, 2013

renew, refocus and refuel



this summer has been all kinds of fun and to say i have been feeling a little run down is an understatement! so in this the last week of summer (insert mass sob here) i have decided to get myself fresh for uni. to achieve said freshness i have come up with a few steps to renew, refocus and refuel...

step 1. mind

to pump up my energy levels my naturopath has prescribed beginning my day with the Tibetan 5 Rites (sometimes referred to as the fountain of youth), which are five yoga-esq exercises that promote increased energy, enhanced clarity, a sense of calm, reduction of stress and increased strength and flexibility. each rite is repeated 21 times in order from 1 - 5, although if you're new to the system it is suggested that starting with a lower number of repetitions and working your way up to 21 is the best way to go. 

step 2. body

throughout the week i’ve ordered healthy lunch and dinner options through eat fit food and for breaky I'm trying out sarah wilson's (i quit sugar fame) coco-nutty granola with some coyo (coconut yogurt).

for the weekend shiz gets super reeeel with a 3 day juice cleanse from urban remedy. this means everything is planned and ready to go with no worry about what to have or prep time.

AND finally this week i’m going to start dry body brushing and epsom salt baths. not only does dry body brushing exfoliate, it’s said to aid the body’s lymphatic drainage, improve the appearance of cellulite and helps tighten the skin while encouraging circulation. There is a particular method to master so check out the how to here.

the epsom salt baths draw toxins from the body, relieve sore muscles, improve circulation and help with stress relief.

step 3. soul

i'm turning off the tv. yes that means i'm going to miss this weeks episode of the walking dead but not to worry i'm gonna IQ that sucker! (yes i am mad for daryl, love love love him) but by doing this i'll be making for my new fave thing... meditation.

while i'd been familiar with the concept since it was suggested to my mother to cure my hyperactive nature as a child, i had never really taken the time to make it a part of my routine.

it was an every now and then thing but over summer i completed a subject on positive psychology with meditation being one of our weekly activities. basically i was forced to put the time in, as we had to write journal entries about our progress and by week 3 i was a devotee.

to begin with i found it quite hard but the easiest way for me to ease into mindfulness was to focus my attention on an affirmation, progress to just a word and then move on to only the breath. 

benefit wise after a session, my mind feels quiet, calm and open and i'm left feeling light, positive and aware. it promotes living in the present and allows you to acknowledge and accept your thoughts without judging them. when you remove the judgement it seems to make it a lot easier to let them go...

i firmly believe in what we think, we become so here's to falling in love with ourselves first!

all these little things have been 'take care of me' practices i have wanted to incorporate into my life for a while now and hopefully with this kick start is only the beginning! 


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