Wednesday, December 5, 2012

if you can, finders keepers...

to say i get obsessed about certain things is probably an understatement and the australian-label-finders-keepers-moondance-tunic is no exception... perhaps it's because i've spied it all over the blogosphere and can't seem to source it from anywhere... my great white whale dress (that well if i was patient, which i'm not, i could pre-order with a february delivery date) BUT NO it's because it's an effortless summer staple. a wardrobe must have. perfect for hot days that turn into balmy nights! i have placed my fate with the fashion gods and listed myself on every notification stock list i can find AND well i should admit i did find the palm beach print version (last pic) which is now on its way to my hot little hands, so perhaps i'm just being greedy??? nah as they say the heart wants what the heart wants and I WANT THIS DRESS!!! lol. rant out.

the one that i want!

the one that i bought!
check out more from one of my new fave labels finders keepers!

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*quick update
 i must have been off my game when searching for this one because right after i posted this post i found it on fashion bunker and as someone has noted it's also available on shopbop!

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