Friday, November 30, 2012

in the know

so i love asking people the hard questions. like what do you use to wash your face with? what moisteriser do you use? what shampoo & conditioner do you use? foundation, powder, blush, mascara, bronzer...

and of late i seem to be getting quite a few of the same answers! so i thought i'd share!

face wash - dove soap
forget $150 on a cleanse, tone, exfoliate regime, ladies out there are just using soap, well not any soap, it must be Dove they say.

moisteriser body - coconut oil
I have been cooking with this for a while now but apparently the thing to do is lather yourself in some extra virgin coconut oil, just after stepping out of the shower. The heat allows it to soak right into your skin!

moisteriser face - olay
not a big surprise here, everyone seems to swear by olay total effects and i have even heard coconut oil on the face!

shampoo & conditioner
for repair and silky softness its palmer's coconut oil shampoo & conditioner.
instant fresh face
clarins beauty flash balm. this little beauty is the literally the perfect pick up. it adds instant radiance to your agenda! i also like to use this as a primer or mix it with my heavier foundation.

face - everyday
another hit from dove is the tinted moisteriser with spf. it leaves you feeling fresh and glowy!

face - heading out foundation.
for partays and nights out we need a little extra coverage and lasting power. the best of the best is hands down is kryolan. i use the foundation stick and mix it with a little moisteriser for a slightly less heavy look. this stuff is made for the stage so you can sweat it out on the dancefloor without looking like you've gone ten rounds with tyson.

loose powder
set all your hard work with m.a.c mineralise loose powder.

no contest. ysl touche eclat

it's all about nars illuminators.

lipsticks - nars / m.a.c
again nars gets a massive tick and of course m.a.c

it's a m.a.c matte bronzer. use an illuminator to illuminate and a bronzer to contour!

well i get lash extensions these days BUT before i decided to fake it til i make it, it was np set pasarella.

and my hunt for the best eyeliner. i'm sorry to say the hunt is still on! am i missing any best beauty buys??? what do you use???

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