Wednesday, October 17, 2012

colour conundrum

sooooooo it's about that time again, spring is in the air, with summer on the horizon and i start to feel like i need to lighten up! which normally would mean going from blonde to superblonde but this year my hair has been darker than its ever been, which is much better for my skintone but lacks that je nai sais quoi, that certain little oomph or spark. blonde hair is a statement all in itself, add a little black dress and slick of red lips and your done. with my brunette tresses i tend to feel like i've forgotten something??? missing that last little detail. so here's where i start to drag and save every shade of blonde known to woman. i've even compromised a little, looking at blondes on the border of brunette (a la rosie) rather than blondes that look like they're native to the nordic... now i just need to decide how far back-to-blonde i should go...

i'm thinking daria or doutzen???

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