Saturday, September 29, 2012

much a do

spring is here and that means the partay season is well and truly on its way. there's the spring racing carnival, birthdays, engagements, weddings and christmas parties to cater for and that my friends means spending some cold hard cash. especially since the season  de rigueur is for designers to price their dresses beyond the $600 mark(or maybe I just have a talent for always loving the most expensive piece on the magazine page). i mean really is that necessary. SO here's my thinking, i'm going to commit the ultimate facebook fashion faux pas and wear the same dress at least twice this summer season! ca'razy i know! now before you start scoffing here me out. i have two or more events with different groups of friends and instead of changing the dress, i'm going to change up my hair and accessories. and even though a part of me still does whisper but it's the same dress with these hair ideas and my new fav bling boutique max & chloe  i think i can do it!

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