Thursday, April 12, 2012

let the hunt begin...

it's just about time to start stalking a winter wardrobe staple. the faux fur vest. coat. snood. cardigan. whichever you go for the trick for me is finding one that looks like a luscious isabel marant minus the guilt of wearing a real fur gilet. 

each to their own i'm not a preacher for peta but i have admitted before how my feelings on fur are quite contradicted as i eat meat, i am hardly ever without leather and obviously love the look of fur but getting about in the real deal  makes me feel a whole world of sorry for the poor pelt i'm sporting. 

so the mission for me is hitting my favourite faux fur hunting grounds; shopbop, asos, topshop and eBay and finding something that doesn't look like it was used to mop the shopfloor of supre.

let the games begin!

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