Thursday, December 22, 2011

in the stars...

russh magazine
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this is the time of year were we all get a little bit Lennony. we look back at the last 12 months and question what have we done??? it's another year over and a new one (nearly) just begun. we make resolutions, plan to make changes  and we buy RUSSH magazine to check out what the stars have in store for us for the year to come. trust me tear yours out and stick it up, because russh's astrologer is always on the ball.

last year i didn't love my deck of universal cards but this year my fellow geminis things are looking up! 

gemini... the best bits

once jupiter arrives in gemini (june 12) you will wear the crown of celestial favorite of the zodiac.

you will likely travel far and wide, too, to cities you barely thought you’d ever get to visit.

your career is about to get a big jolt of energy from neptune, the planet of inspiration, imagination and the arts. neptune will enter pisces and your tenth house of honors, achievement and fame on 3 february this year and remain with you in this house for 14 years. no matter what you do, it appears you will move into a very creative role in your career, and begin to be known beset for the visionary products and concepts you create.

perhaps one of the sweetest of all benefits is that astrologers consider having Jupiter in one’s sign to be the best to engender true love. (apparently most geminians are cynics  and will scoff at this one)

let's revisit this every couple of months and see how it all pans out!

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